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de-paseo SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE has several great impact advertising tools, such as:

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Displyed in the right side of the page. Size 144 x 144 pixeles.

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Directory listing with or without picture:
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* image * is a "brother" site of Querétaro. Querétaro has direct links to, because we notice the interest that residents in Querétaro have for all that San Miguel offers to its visitors.

Who visits
Our users are people with strong economic resources: 70% working status.
the age range of the majority of our visitors is between 24 to 40 years.
49% are women and 51% are men.
We have nearly 8,000 suscribers to our weakly "news letter" that provides information
about the most relevant events of the weak.
Source: information provided by suscribing readers to our weakly news letter,
corroborated by a study made by marketing student of the Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Querétaro University in 2004.

Where are our users located?
Given that Internet is a world wide tool and the great positioning in the most important search engines of the world (google, altavista, yahoo) we have visitors from all over the globe, although most of our visitors are from Querétaro city and adjacent cities like: Mexico city, Celaya, San Juan del Río, San Luis Potosí, Salamanca, Silao, Tequisquiapan and San Miguel de Allende.

Is in this towns were we have more impact and a very interesting potencial market for San Miguel de Allende businesses through thanks to the closeness between them.

The growing market of Querétaro is specially relevant due to that it is only 35 minutes away, and year after year families move to this city.

The promotion in of our new site will be the first strategy to get visits to the new site. Other publicity efforts will be done as well, such as: Ads in different publications of the state of Querétaro and de San Miguel, distribution of promotional pocket calendars, placed in strategic places of all our impact areas.

For information on prices and special plans
please contact us

by e-mail at:

or by phone at: 01 (415) 152-3910