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Dear readers :
First we would like to thank you for visiting our site. is a private mexican company.
Our work team is an ensemble of prefosionals from diverse branches such as: communications, graphic design, marketing, systems engineering, etc. Profesions that most of us had been practicing for many years now, which provided us the expertise not only about Internet, but in several communication areas.
Our purpose is to offer to our readers the opportunity to find out EVERY thing there is to do in SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Guanajuato and the state of Querétaro through one mean. For this reason, we are commited to provide all information, in the most complete way, so they are aware of all alternatives these places have to offer for both TOURISTS and residents. We try to make our best efforts to obtain information from the main source in order to give the most truthful and up-dated report. was created in Querétaro in 2002 when we realize that there was no way people could find out, through one mean, of every thing there is to do in Querétaro.
We also noticed the need for spanish talking people of an informative site about all that SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE offers to its residents and visitors.
Moreover, given the closeness of SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE to the city of Querétaro and based on the many requests from our readers to get more information of this beautiful near-by city,, was creted in January of 2005. and Are continuosly actualized electronical guides, disgned to provide in one place, information about al there is to do in Querétaro and SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE regarding Art and Culture, concerts and shows, bars and clubs, sports, commercial movies and art films, congresses and exhibitions, restaurants, fairs and festivals, tourism and information for the visitor.
Given the closeness of Mexico city, the state of Querétaro and San Miguel de Allende and for the importance of some events of the capital city, we have the main consern of publishing information about the shows staged in Mexico City.
We chose Internet as our communication means because it is the only one that allows us to actualice in the most quick and efficient way all information our audience requires, in addition it has information permanency, during the period of time before the event, this allows our users check dates, places or events, at any time, any where because of its world wide scope.
Provide information to visitors from all over the world and residents of Querétaro and San Miguel of events, festivals, lodging, interesting sites, restaurants, etc. that could be found in SAN MIGUEL city and the state of Querétaro.
Be the best information source of SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE and the state of Querétaro.
  - Create an entretainment culture open to different options.
  - Promote national and international tourism.
  - Promote and support arts and culture.
  - Support economic development.
  - Promote cultural and touristic activities.


LCC. Gerardo Aguilar O. (CEO)
D.G. Maricela Enríquez E.
LEM. Lourdes Aguilar E.
Ing. Julio Cesar Olvera.
LIA. L. Rocio Castañeda R.
Mauricio Martínez B.
Jorge Sanz Espinosa.
Lizeth Zamudio C.